Decking Cleaning and Oiling

Is your decking looking dirty or covered with algae? Even worse, is it dangerous and slippy when wet or during the winter?
If this is the case give Sterling Surface Care a call.  We can not only professionally clean your decking,  removing all dirt and residue, we can also protect it by applying a quality decking oil.
As with all external hard surfaces in the UK, if left un-protected from the weather, nature will soon start to damage the decking. This is a characterisitic of many properties in Peterborough, Ely, Stapleford and Huntingdon.
Once the original protective oils have been removed from timber, decking can soon start to look unsightly and vunerable to potential rot setting in.
We have a three step process that will revive and protect decking:-

  • Treat with algae remover
  • Low pressure cleaning (avoiding striping)
  • Application of two coats of Decking Oil

Once the decking is totally clean and been left to dry, Sterling Surface Care always recommend applying decking oil and not cheap decking stain.
Application of decking stain is the equivalent of painting the surface, where as an oil will soak into and revive the natural protective qualities of the timber.
As a  local company based in Cambridge, we are happy to give FREE quotations and carry out work across most parts of Cambridgeshire, including the towns of Saffron Walden, Newmarket, Haverhill and Royston, we offer a great service and competitive prices.

For further details or a free decking cleaning quotation, please give us a call on 01223 844755 or 01502 441312 or enquire online